PH21 Photography Gallery - Budapest, Hungary

Dandara is a series made by the photographer Fabiana Nunes and the Graphic designer Albino Papa.


Symbolizing the four elements essential to life and mixing with the Sacred geometry creating the patterns that shape the images:

Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. A fifth element is called Quintessence, defined as its purest. Quintessence in the Series is us, represented a mix of all four natural elements creating a new one. That in the future will belong truly to this planet and will honor it, care for it, and preserve it.


We live in a predatory society where economic growth, competition, the pressure to succeed, the destruction of nature are the main motto of the patriarchy. In a world attacked by a pandemic and suffering from global warming, Dandara of Fabiana and Albino is a strong woman that wants to relive the feminine power, unbalanced in this patriarchal society. Creating an image of “Sacred Mother Earth” and alerting the timing to connect, transcend and heal the planet.


Dandara is also the name of the Brazilian singer photographed in this series. A dedicated mother descended from a black father and fearless defender of indigenous people from Brazil.

The meaning of the name Dandara, according to the history of Colonial Brazil, would have been a black female warrior, wife of the emblematic figure of Zumbi dos Palmares, and mother of three of his children.

Due to this fact, the name is associated with the figure of a warrior woman and protector of slaves.

Earth and Water were exhibited at the PS21 gallery.

A curated international photography exhibition in Budapest

December 16, 2021 – January 8, 2022