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Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I

I was born in Brazil in 1977 in a small city and since my childhood, I had a desire to know the world. My dad is a painter/sculptor and my mom is a poetess and their huge sensitive hearts shaped my life.


I have travelled to many countries in Europe, Americas, Africa and Asia that influenced me hugely in my creative work. I had lived in New York and Barcelona from the past 10 years, and now I’ve moved to Zurich. I have an obsession for the new. I thrive in changing environments and experiencing new opportunities. 


I dedicated 15 years working as a fashion designer and the past 10 years I´ve been working as a photographer. Doing fashion photo reports for, street style for, concerts for and also covering special events and weddings. 

2018 I won the first prize of “Swiss Photo Club Awards“ and had the picture exhibited at the Photobastei Gallery, Zürich. Now I am one of the photograph instructors of the Swiss Photo Club. Teaching "Vision & Style" at the Academy and doing workshops for beginners. 

2019, the Guardian editors have picked one of my images as one of their favourite entries to Portrait of Humanity. My  picture “Collecting shells” was the people´s choice winner. The British Journal of Photography made an interview with me and published another 7 images.


I have a degree in Public Relations, Fashion Designer and a post-graduate in Design and Culture. I study black & white photography in New York and photo and movie edition in Barcelona. 


I admire Sebastião Salgado, Steve McCurry, Jan Saudek, Richard Avedon and David Lachapelle. I would love to be friends with Patti Smith, Karen O, Jim Jarmusch and John Waters. Wish I had a chance to meet William Burroughs and Osho for a nice talk. I really enjoy conversations relating to music, art, cinema and anthropology. I want to travel to experiment Namibia, Cambodia, Peru and Australia. My next dream trip will be to Kuata island. The love of my life calls Rico, my name is Fabiana Nunes but they call me Fafá.

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